Tripoli Minnesota HAM Club

Tripoli MN HAM Club Tripoli Minnesota is an Amateur Radio Club registered with the FCC. Our Call Sign is WØRKT. You may be wondering what this means for Tripoli Minnesota members, in a nutshell being an Amateur Radio Club allows members to legally use RF trackers (Rocket Hunters), and GPS trackers operating within the HAM bands, while at our launch site, during club launches, without being an individual HAM licensee. Even though we have obtained a club HAM license, we still strongly recommend and encourage any individual using HAM bands to track rockets to procure an individual license.

Acquiring an individual license at the “Technician” level requires passing a multiple-choice written test and paying a small fee. Once you are licensed you’ll be able to operate your tracking equipment outside of our launches, in addition to all the other cool things you can do as a HAM operator. Tests are administered several times per year at locations all over the state. More testing information and study materials can be found at